Through images and words, I want to share two decades of my travel adventures, as well as my love for gardening. Visitors can’t really know a place and its people from a brief encounter. Yet we can appreciate humanity’s richness and diversity, and understand better where we fit in this world.

Camel driver and his animals wait early morning on a dune ridge for guests to arrive

The only thing that excites me more than dreaming about the next adventure is getting my passport stamped at the destination’s immigration counter.

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Turning Blue in Morocco’s Western Sahara

“Yee Haw!” It bursts from my mouth. Hamid plunges the Toyota four-wheel drive down the embankment and through a two-foot-deep flash river that formed during the night. The bone-dry desert floor repelled torrential rains, forcing water into dry gullies gushing across the landscape. A wall of muddy water momentarily obscures our vision, then settles down to paint the car in a coat of sand water as we climb out of the stream. Our driver on the 11-day Moroccan adventure is taking my partner Rick and me to visit a nomad family’s home.

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I'm happiest on the road someplace I’ve never been. I try to capture in my images the grandeur and intimate moments of places I visit.


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With a storyteller’s insight and respect, I observe both everyday and extraordinary stories from my experiences. My curiosity about each place’s history helps me better understand its culture.

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Snapshots and anecdotes offer quick observations from life on the road, in the garden, and at home.

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