Through images and words, I want to share two decades of my travel adventures, as well as my love for gardening. Visitors can’t really know a place and its people from a brief encounter. Yet we can appreciate humanity’s richness and diversity, and understand better where we fit in this world.

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The only thing that excites me more than dreaming about the next adventure is getting my passport stamped at the destination’s immigration counter.

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Naples and its Spanish Quarter: Italy’s Once Forbidden Fruit

“Stay away from the Spanish Quarter. It’s dangerous!” The young man sitting in front of me on Amtrak’s Northeastern Corridor train from Philadelphia to Newark International Airport advises. Rick and I fly out of Newark on a two-stop flight ending in Naples, Italy, in a few hours. We’ll join a group to tour the city and explore the Amalfi Coast for ten days. These accusations about Napoli pique my curiosity. I’m eager to see it in action, especially to visit the “dangerous” Quartieri Spagnoli, the city’s Spanish Quarter.

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I'm happiest on the road someplace I’ve never been. I try to capture in my images the grandeur and intimate moments of places I visit.


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With a storyteller’s insight and respect, I observe both everyday and extraordinary stories from my experiences. My curiosity about each place’s history helps me better understand its culture.

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